Fashion Feng shui style.

Dressing in Feng shui style does not mean you have to wear traditional Chinese silk. It is all about balancing the Feng shui elements to the personality of the individual.

Being stylish and being fashionable are two different things. Not every fashionable style and haircut can make you look better. It important to know what to wear and why to wear it.

Fashion Feng shui style.

We wear clothes as a practical matter, but at the same time what we wear also reflects on our personalities and sense of style.

Often times, shy people will never dress too brightly, while outgoing people stay away from shades of gray.

In China people believe that true happiness comes from being able to see beauty in your surroundings.

There are those who can make something from nothing, using yin-yang harmony. Since everybody wants to be happy, everybody should try some of the FengShui principles for happiness.

You can receive positive benefits by simply using colors.
Fashion Feng shui style. Five elements Let’s talk about the color of our clothes. Some women are able to appear slimmer simply by choosing darker colors, such as black, brown, and purple.

However, these colors may not be their best choice. Feng shui principles say that each of the five Feng-Shui elements is represented by its own color.

In Feng shui philosophy, the color red is known to be the most powerful. Red is a symbol of passion, power, and fire. This color has the power to awaken even the most shy of people.

However, if you are influenced by Metal , you should do your best to avoid red colors in your clothes or surroundings, as they have the effect of taking your confidence, and might produce a fight or quarrel.

The color orange is representative of the Earth Earth element.

This color is often used in designs because it creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The color white fits very well for those influenced by Metal. The Chinese say that white is the color of Chi Yang.

The principles of Feng shui recommend combining white and black as a symbol of vitality. However, white is a good match with many different colors.

Fashion Feng shui style. Earth element

In Feng shui, the color Black is the color of resolute and strong people. Black is a symbol of Water . This is a great match with white, gold, and silver. These are good combinations for people influenced by Wood, Metal, and Water.

Blue is the color of water. Blue acts as a soothing color for people influenced by Wood, Metal , and Water.

People who prefer blue colors in their outfits reflect passive traits.

Green is the color of wood. Green colors are good matches for people influenced by Fire and Water.

Yellow helps with the digestion and developing confidential relation between collocutors.

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