Express yourself with Fengshui hair style

Fengshui hair style could help you find success, just by changing your look. Everything is based upon fengshui’s five elements and their rules of interaction. Sometimes a new haircut can help you change your life in a better way.

Let’s discuss fengshui principles for hair style.Everybody wants to look their best. Sometimes a visit to the hair stylist just is not enough.

To make this work for you, it is important to coordinate your image with your fengshui element type (Metal, Wood, Earth, Fire or Water).

When you find your optimal matches, you’ll find that you have a good chance to succeed in any activity. Hair style should be done in a way that makes you feel beautiful, relaxed, and radiates the harmony of your internal world to onlookers.

The main key of harmonic wellness is achieving balance of the five elements. FengShui masters can tell you which of the elements are predominate in you, and which elements you are lacking.

For example, an individual who is influenced by wood, and born in the summer, may have a greater chance of losing hair. This is because summer is an element of fire, which has a natural tendency to weaken wood. Remembering the relationship among the five elements is key.

What are some possible remedies for this problem? Wearing blue toned clothes provide a soothing effect to Fire (summer). You can eat spicy foods, but try to avoid salty foods.

Nurture your hair, let it grow, and avoid use of hair products that are unnatural. Above all, remember the relationships between the five elements!

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