Seattle The Emerald City.

Seattle is called the Emerald City for its beautiful landscape. It is the largest city in the State of Washington in Northwest United States.

A major port for decades, the city is booming again from high-tech industry and trade with Pacific Rim/Asian nations.

Increasingly, it is becoming a trend-setting city at home and abroad, in terms of economic development, city planning, and scenic landscape.

Seattle's solid success as a trade and manufacturing center, and its leading position in some of the key technological fields, plus its beautiful surroundings, has made the

metropolitan area one of the fastest growing in the United States in terms of both economy and population.

Today, Seattle has the largest number of homeowners of any major American city, and is the base for big brand names such as Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks.

How much credit does the feng shui of Seattle deserve for all its success?

To answer this question, we have to take a closer look at the geographic features of the city and their geomantic significances. There are two outstanding geographic features in the city that contributes geomantically to the economic and technological successes of Seattle.

The first and the most outstanding feature in the dominance of water. Water, water, water – it is almost everywhere in Seattle. Seattle has the Pacific Ocean as its western border.

This great ocean has also never been violent to Seattle; the Pacific is truly accommodating in this part of the world. War or violent weather is not heard of here. Indeed, all is quiet on its western front. In addition to the vast expanse of water on its western border, the Seattle area boasts of seven freshwater lakes.

Lake Washington, a huge freshwater mountain lake extending twenty-two miles from north to south, borders the city in the east.

In between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington is Lake Union, which lies to the immediate north of downtown Seattle.

The other lakes are Green Lake, Haller Lake, and Bitter Lakes in the north end, the Duwamish Lake lies in the south and Lake Sammamish in the east.

All these lakes and the ocean convey a sense that water is omnipresent and always close at hand.

Since water stands for wealth in feng shui, it should come as no surprise that Seattle has been so successful economically,

with the city enjoying the highest bond rating (AAA) in country, and also being the home to the richest man in the twenty-first century (Bill Gates).

Besides money, water also signifies intelligence. This could be why Seattle has been able to attract a huge number of well educated, highly intelligent people to it,

making Seattle a leader in many key areas of modern technology, including computer science, aerospace technology, biotechnology, and telecommunications.

With this in mind, we can better understand why such big names as Microsoft and Boeing are based in the Seattle area.

The second outstanding geographic feature that contributes geomantically to the success and growth of Seattle lies in the beautiful mountains in and surrounding it.

One hundred miles west of Seattle, along the coast, is Quillayute. Between there and Seattle rise the Olympic Mountains.

These undulating, snow-capped mountains create a land formation that intrudes into the Pacific Ocean through Seattle and rise out of the west across the deep blue waters of Puget Sound.

Marching south and east of the city are the massive peaks of the Cascade volcanoes, with Mount Rainier taking up half the horizon.

To the north, Mount Baker stands with its snow-clad, glittering peaks. Inside the city proper, we have Queen Anne Hill, First Hill, Capitol Hill, and Beacon Hill.

Thus, Seattle has both water and mountains – two most desirable features in feng shui. Geomantically, mountains stand for population growth.

It is only natural that Seattle area has been one of the most attractive places for immigrants, both in America and around the world.

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