Classical feng shui

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Feng shui literally translates to «wind water», the two natural

elements that direct qi to a settlement, dwelling, or burial site.

Figuratively, the term represents the art and science of living in harmony with your environment.

Traditional or classical feng shui is an ancient practice first developed some 6 000 years ago by Neolithic Chinese.

Classical fengshui in use. Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills, Califofnia

The early finding blossomed into a sophisticated, well-honed tradition by Tang dynasty (618-9007 C.E.)

Essentially, classical feng shui is a system based on keen observation of heavenly (time) and earthly

(interior and exterior space) forces and how the qi of each interact.

It is practice of balancing these forces. With balance comes the likelihood of better health, wealth, and relationships.

With balance, feng shui gives you impetus, and the drive to succeed.

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Beginning of classical feng shui

In medieval China, feng shui was a closely guarded secret.

Feng shui masters were greatly rewarded for their expertise by ruling class of emperors, aristocrats, and the privileged elite.

They use feng shui power for ensured their stately positions. Some feng shui masters were punished, or even killed, if they were known to aid the public.

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One notable master, Yang Yunsong, managed to escape the Forbidden City.

It's the famous complex of buildings in Beijing so called at one time, only the emperor, his female entourage, and eunuchs lived there.

It was during the Yellow Bandits Rebellion of 907 C.E. Yang Yunsong did find refuge in mountainous area of northwest China.

There he helped the poor by using his skills in feng shui.

He gets nickname as «Save the poor». Yunsong is still revered today for being among the first explain and

share of the shrouded secrets of the tradition classical feng shui.

Examples of classical feng shui today

classical feng shui in The Deepak Chopra Center in California

Today, you will see examples of classical feng shui in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

There are feng shui masters are regularly called upon to bring prosperity, good health and beneficial relationships to individuals and businesses.

Hong Kong Disneyland constructed according to feng shui principles.

Great example of classical feng shui traditions in western urban planning are (see pictures):

example of classical feng shui Trump Tower

Sydney Harbor Casino and Hotel in Australia;

Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hill, California;

MGM Grand Mirage Resorts and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada;

The Deepak Chopra Center in California;

Trump Towers in New York City;

(Donald Trump - Follower of classical feng shui)

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