EARTH. Five elements Fengshui.

Earth Characteristics

Earth is symbolic of the nurturing environment that enables seeds to grow, which all living things emanate from, and return to. It nurtures, supports, and interacts with each of other elements.

Positively, it denotes fairness, wisdom and instinct.

Negatively, it can smoother or represent the nervous anticipation of non-existent problems.

Earth personalities.

Earth people are supportive and loyal. Practical and persevering, they are a tower of strength in a crisis. They do not rush anything, but their support is enduring. Patient and steady, they possess inner strength.

Positively, people who are influenced by earth are loyal, dependable and patient.

Negatively they are obsessive and prone to nit-picking.Earth associations

Clay, brick and terracotta, cement and stone, Squares, yellow, orange and brown colors.

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