What fengshui study saying about heaven luck,earth luck and human luck

Greetings dear friend! From my own personal experience I know how exciting it can be to witness the positive changes that occur when you first use feng shui techniques.

You’ll no doubt be thrilled, and curious to try new techniques. Perhaps you’ll move furniture around, reorganize your closet , or just replace, remove, or improve.

The more you know about feng shui, the more you’ll wonder about its magical power. You’ll begin to see new perspectives in your life which were invisible to you before.

You’ll become a powerful magnet, which will attract good luck and nice people. You will change yourself and those close to you in a positive way.

If you are currently practicing feng shui, you will feel its power, and know that it is working.I’m sure that you do not want to stop. If you are just a beginner, I am happy to tell you that many wonderful harmonic changes will be coming to your life very soon.

When you begin to practice feng shui, you’ll feel it working, as the quality of your life starts to change gradually. Enjoy the process as it unfolds.

Make a feng shui bedroom, have fun. Make experiments, you can always adjust or try again. You’ll begin to smell freshness, and hear laughter.

You’ll feel energized and happy with the people you’ll attract to your life. You will begin to open new horizons of harmony.

Feng shui masters say that we have three types of luck.

The first type of luck is a Heaven luck, or karma that shows things that cannot be changed. These include our place of birth, our country, our type of family, curcircumstances.

The second type of luck is Earth luck, or feng shui. You can decide where to live, what type of house to purchase, how to organize furniture, and lifestyle. With optimal practice, good feng shui will bring good luck and abundance.

Lastly, the third type of luck is Human luck. This represents things that are within us. Human luck is your education, pursuit for self-development and self-motivation, and positive thinking and optimism.

For those who always learn something new and aspire to have better earth luck, their fengshui will be amplified many times.

The more you work on your self-improvement and use fengshui methods, then the higher your chances are to change your karma in a better way.This shows that fengshui is part of your fortune.

Fengshui alone doesn’t guaranty that you’ll become a millionaire, an oil magnate or movie star. For those things you will need a combination of talent, multiplied by hard work and self-motivation.

However, many celebrities and millionaires use feng shui in their everyday lives.

There are so many different ways to use fengshui tools. They can be used in your home, the landscape around your property, the interior design of your space, your clothes, your hair style.

Also the food that you eating, the sound of your name, the numbers of your house, your telephone number or your passport.There are talismans that you can wear, carry, and see daily.

Do you see how you can easily add good feng shui elements to your life! It’s a great joy try new things, especially when you see positive changes.

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