Holy harmony of feng shui technique

Welcome my dear friend! If you’re not familiar with the feng shui study, I will be happy to introduce you.

The definition of feng shui is a traditional Chinese philosophy with a focus on developing holy harmony in our everyday lives.

Feng shui as a practice, is more then five thousand years old, and offers many different methods and formulas to create positive harmonious energy for you home.

Feng shui turtle

Some feng shui technique are very simple, yet very beneficial. Feng shui secrets have been passed down from master to student for centuries.

This information has never been so open and available to the world as it has been in the last one hundred years.

The Chinese have been practicing feng-shui for thousands of years. Can you imagine how powerful feng shui technique and formulas are?

Interest in this art is growing, with more and more people discovering the practice of feng shui every day.

In the beginning, the practice of feng shui was restricted for the Emperor, practicing holy harmony in the palace only. It was forbidden for other classes of the population.

The practice of feng shui was such a closely guarded secret, that Emperors often has fengshui masters killed out of fear that the powers of feng shui may be learned by others.

Today is a different time, and the practice of feng shui has spread to every part of the world. You can find material relating to feng shui in every bookstore.

You do not need to be a fanatic or blind follower to practice fengshui. By trying just a few methods, you will see positive results. Fengshui is not a religion.

Rather, it is a set of techniques, which help to build harmony in ones life. Your religion, nationality, or culture have no effects whatsoever on fengshui tools.

It is a completely natural system, as in nature, wind blows, water flows, and tree grows.

Chinese legends speak about a miracle power that has influence on our lives. Sometimes these powers sent either heavy rain, or normal showers.

In the first instance, crops were destroyed and people starved. In the second, farmers reaped large harvests.

What is interesting is that the miracle power was always invisible, not seen by anyone.

Nobody knows what it is, or its true nature. However, they have no doubt that this miracle power exists. Under its power were the living, and also dead ancestors.

The art of fengshui helps to predict the powers of earth and heaven, so that one may live in harmony with them.

It is very important to aspire to do this, as the forces of heaven, earth, and human are interconnected, and responsible for harmony in the universe.

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