METAL. Five elements Fengshui.

Metal Characteristics

Metal is symbolic of autumn and strength. Its nature represents solidity and the ability to contain objects. On the other hand, metal is also a conductor.

Positively, it represents communication, brilliant ideas and justice.

Negatively, it can suggest destruction, danger and sadness. Metal can be a beautiful and precious commodity, or the blade of a weapon.

Metal personalities.

People influenced by metal are dogmatic and resolute. They pursue their ambitious aims single-mindedly. Good organizers, they are independent and happy in their own company. Faith in their own abilities inclines them towards inflexibility although they thrive on change. They are serious and not accepting of help easily.

Metal associations

All metals, round shapes, domes, metal objects, door furniture and doorsteps, kitchenware; white, grey, silver and gold colors; coins, clocks.

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