WATER. Five elements Fengshui.

Water Characteristics

Water is symbolic of winter and water itself, and gentle rain or storm. It suggests the inner self, art and beauty. It touches everything. Positively, it nurtures and supports with understanding.

Negatively, it can wear down and exhaust. Associated with emotions, it can suggest fear, nervousness and stress.

Water personalities.

People who are influenced by water communicate well. They are diplomatic and persuasive. Sensitive to the moods of others, they will lend an ear. They are intuitive and make excellent negotiators. Flexible and adaptable, they view things holistically.

Positively, water people are artistic, sociable and sympathetic.

Negatively water people are sensitive, fickle and intrusive.

Water associations

Rivers, steams and lakes, blue and black colors, mirrors and glass; meandering patterns; fountains and pounds, fish tanks, water pictures

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