WOOD. Five elements Fengshui.

Wood Characteristics

Wood is symbolic of spring, growth, and plant life. In its yin form, it is supple and pliable. In its yang form as sturdyas an oak.

Positively used, wood can be used as a walking stick, but negatively wood can be used as a spear.

Bamboo is cherished in China for its ability to sway in the wind yet be strong enough to be used as scaffolding for construction.

Wood energy is expansive, nurturing and versatile.

Wood personalities.

Wood people are outgoing, spirited, and energetic. With people who derive their influence from wood, their outgoing personalities win them support. They visualize rather than committing themselves to plans.

Positively- they are artistic and undertake tasks with enthusiasm.

Negatively- they become impatient and angry and often fail to finish the tasks they have begun.

Wood associations

Trees and plants, wooden furniture, paper, green color, columns, decking, landscape pictures

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